This novel is based on a fictitious female girl raised in the Deep South by her father who was a former US Army sniper that returned from Bosnia as a badly wounded war veteran. The story moves along following the young girl as she is raised by her single father and learns the art of sniping from him and then eventually has to avenge her father’s death and other misdeeds performed by some local miscreants. The plot is fairly simplistic with no major surprises or plot twists as it just moves along through the story. Be warned, the dialog among the bad guys is insanely profane and crass and while it may be accurate for the geographic area (I honestly do not know) it detracts from any positive aspects of the story and distracts from the plot line. Keep in mind, I spent a good amount of time in the military with its associated language and use of profanity, and the dialog and language in this book was enough to be a turn off and at times made it hard to read. If you do not think it would bother you and you are looking for a story where the good guy (or gal in this case) wins without trouble, then give it a shot.

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