We deal with a good amount of rifles and equipment that we take in on trade or deal for and this kit came with a HK91 we took in on trade for a rifle package. We just do not see ourselves ever using it so we figured we would sell it to see if someone else might!

This is a genuine surplus German HK G3 .22 caliber conversion kit. These kits fit and convert all HK91 and G3 rifles to shoot the more affordable .22 LR ammunition. The kit comes in the original green wooden box and includes bolt group, barrel tube, magazines, and cleaning kit.

These are an uncommon piece of kit and sell for about $600 on the open market. They are not really something that is sniper oriented, but there might be someone out there that is in need of one? We would rather it go to one of our readers than just dump it on gunbroker or something.

Model: Genuine H&K G3/HK91 .22 LR Conversion Kit
Condition: Surplus, though it appears to be in very good shape. Complete
Price: $500 – SOLD

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