I will have to say that I was quite impressed with this book. Sgt. Afong did a very good job relating a good all around assortment of stories of combat snipers over in Iraq. What possibly made the book so good is that the author, Sgt. Afong, served as a Sniper himself in Iraq which allows him to tell the story in a different manner than the typical author who only interviews those that were there. Though Sgt Afong was there and writes the book, there has only a single fairly simple chapter relating to his story. The rest of the chapters were personal accounts about various other Snipers that served within the USMC in the same areas during 2004-2005. There are possibly a few over the top hurrah moments in the story telling but for the most part it is down to earth and there are some good tidbits to be gained from reading the book in regards to sniping in the sort of environment snipers find themselves in Iraq. Sgt. Afong has a straight forward writing style that is easy to read and as a whole the book was a nice change of pace from some of the self promoting or profiteering combat story telling that has become popular today.

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