The high BC wars continue between the bullet makers and Hornady has just fired its next salvo. The A-Tip bullet is their new offering in the high BC match bullet market and it includes innovations that they are excited about.

Looking at the bullet, one might mistakenly identify it as a polymer tipped bullet, but the tip is actually a machined aluminum tip which allows them to make the tips longer and prevents any deformation due to heat during the firing process as well as resistance to damage from handling. Hornady also indicates that this tip moves the the center of gravity to allow for better in flight stability.

They also evaluated the bullet design and have optimized the combination of tip length, ogive shape, and bearing surface to not only maximize the Ballistic Coefficient, but also to allow the bullet to be more forgiving to chambers, rate of twist, and barrel rifling to help the bullets perform well in a wider range of rifles. This has been an ongoing issue for bullets with an aggressive ogive that tends to make them “finicky” in some rifles, but yields exceptional BCs.

There was also a focus on the jacket to provide improved consistency from bullet to bullet for improved overall accuracy and they have tried to minimize handling of the bullets during manufacturing process for the same reasons. They indicate that the BCs are verified by the use of Doppler radar, and as you can see in the chart below of the initial offerings in the A-Tip line, the results are impressive.

CaliberWeightBC (G1)BC (G7)
6mm (.243″)110gr.604.304
6.5mm (.264″)135gr.637.321
6.5mm (.264″)153gr.704.355
7.62mm 30cal (.308″)230gr.823.414
7.62mm 30cal (.308″)250gr.878.442

The bullets tend to favor the heavier weights per caliber, but that is not uncommon for high BC bullets. The weights 230gr and 250gr .30 cal bullets are high and will likely only see use on specialty 300 Win Mag and 300 Norma Mag rifles with fast twist barrels. The 230gr bullet may work okay in the standard 300 Win Mag 1:10″ rate of twist. The long range results of those bullets should be fantastic if they will stabilize. The 153gr 6.5mm bullet will also be borderline for the standard twist you might find on 6.5 Creedmoor barrel, but that 135gr 6.5mm bullet is very exciting as that is about the ideal weight for a standard 6.5 CM load. Decent velocity will still be achievable and and with a very good BC and all 6.5 CM, .260 Rem, and 6.5 Lapua rifles will stabilize it. The 110gr 6mm bullet is also a good one for the 6mm Creedmoor, but most .243 Win rifles will not stabilize it with a factory rate of twist barrel.

We look forward to seeing how these bullets perform and if the new aluminum tip and bullet designs live up to what Hornady is claiming. Feel free to let us know your own results with these bullets.

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Update: I just heard what the price is on these babies…wow, they are expensive. About $0.80 USD each.


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