Have you ever wondered how we perform our rifle and scope tests when doing a review? We have received many questions about how we do our tests and why we do it the way we do, so we figured we would post a detailed article describing the process and our reasons behind our tests. You can read all the details in the link below.

How we test sniper rifles and tactical rifle scopes

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Frank Maglin

Thanks for the insight on your test criteria. I always find your reviews extremely informative. I have based several of my purchase decisions based on your unbiased information.

I do have one question you may know the answer to. Do you know what year Remington no longer used the 40X trigger in the 700P?
Thanks again for your knowledge ad your willingness to share it.

Bryan Webster

I am just curious as to whether the rifles that you test are subjected to any breakin procedure beforehand, or if you choose not to do that.

Calvin mulkey

Hi, i was wondering if it is possible to purchase a barrel from you guys or parts in general? Please let me know i would love to buy from you guys…


Been following your reviews for years Mel. Especially enjoyed how you review scopes. As more and more “feature packed” Chinese long range style scopes get released it surprises me how many people take the bait. Doesn’t matter how many features that scope has, if it doesn’t hold zero its barely worth being a paper weight!

Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-12x40mm - Full Review - Sniper Central

[…] For our operational tests we mounted the Diamondback Tactical onto our Remington 700P test rifle chambered in 308 Winchester. The rifle already has a Warne 20 MOA canted steel one piece rail attached and we used a set of TPS steel alloy 1″ low height rings. With the one piece rail it made it easy to properly locate the mounting rings without any spacing issues and we quickly had the scope mounted and ready to test. Our shooting tests were conducted in overcast and rainy spring weather here in Montana, we figured we might as well test the scope in real world conditions. If you are not familiar with how we test our scopes, feel free to read about our testing procedures. […]

Sightron S-Tac 3-16x42mm - Full Review - Sniper Central

[…] For our operational range tests, we used a set of Leupold medium height Mark4 steel rings and mounted the scope to our Remington 700P test rifle chambered in .308 win. The rifle has a steel 20 MOA canted Warne base on it which makes it easy to properly space the rings to fit the scope. Everything mounted up quickly and easily and it was time to head to the range. If you have not read how we conduct our scope tests, take a moment to read our article How We Test Rifles and Scopes. […]

Sabatti Synthetic Rifle - Full Review - Sniper Central

[…] The weather had been bad here in Montana for several days which postponed our shooting, but finally a cool and clear fall day emerged and we headed to the range with three different types of 300 Win Mag ammo. These included the standard Federal Gold Medal Match 190gr, HSM 190gr Match, and the Choice 220gr HPBT. The weather on both the days we spent at the range was clear, calm and right at about freezing temperature. The results from the 100 yard shooting is listed below. If you are not familiar with how we test rifles, please read the article How we Test Rifles and Scopes. […]

Leupold VX-3i LRP 6.5-20x50mm - Full Review - Sniper Central

[…] For out shooting tests we mounted the scope on our Remington 700P test mule rifle chambered in 308 Win. This rifle routinely shoots sub .5 MOA with Federal GMM ammunition and it has been used for many, of not most, of our scope evaluations. We used a set of Leupold Mk4 medium height rings to mount the scope to the Warne 20 MOA canted base which was all done with no problems. If you are not familiar with our testing procedures, please take a moment to read about how we test our scopes. […]


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