I will say right off the bat that I really enjoyed this book. Mark Spicer is an experienced sniper with the UK military and this book itself is different in that it is not the same sniping manual that you see these days, but instead it is a book outlining things learned from both good schools as well as real world experience. The subject matter is more along the lines of advanced knowledge and covers some very good topics. I especially appreciated the section about mountain sniping since we are here in Western Montana and we have already tried several of the ideas mentioned in the book that are not typically taught in any of the US schools. A lot of the mountain section comes from the German Alpine Sniper school that Spicer attended. The other wonderful part about the book is the photos, there are a lot, and they are very good. Real world photos as well as training. With the author being from the UK, there is a European influence to the book which again is nice to have a different perspective on things. All and all, I highly recommend this book.

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