There are not many books written about sniping in World War I but there are a few such as ‘A Rifleman Went To War’. This book is the memoirs of Frank Stanly Iriam who served with the Canadians on the front lines in W.W. I from 1914-1918. Frank spent nearly 4 years in the trenches operating as a scout, scout section leader and a sniper during that time. It is remarkable to think of spending that amount of time in some of the most inhumane conditions imaginable including being gassed several times. The book is a very personal account of his time in combat up until he was severely injured and removed from the front lines toward the end of the war. The account includes some personal confrontations with superior officers and there are times where you get a decent amount of complaining about various officers, but for the most part, the book is a good personal account of some intense fighting and trench warfare and it does provide an insight into how scout and sniping operations occurred during trench warfare, more so on the scouting. The amount of sniping details is limited, but there is enough to make it a worthwhile read. The book is written in first person and are memoirs of Frank, so there are grammar oddities and other interesting wording that is a result of the period it was written. It has been 100 years since W.W. I and the “great war” tends to be over shadowed by W.W.II, but this book brings some of the details to light and reminds you of just how bad the fighting conditions were. It is always amazing to see and hear of the fighting strength of young men that are fighting for a cause and this book is worth reading if you get the opportunity.

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