This book is a bit different than most sniper related books we review here. Into Hell’s Fire is a spy novel based in the former Yugoslavia during their devastating civil war in the early 1990’s. We read it because the infamous ‘Sniper’s Alley’ is mentioned, and plays a part, in the story. Unfortunately it was not an integral part of the story and as such sniping was not a central theme in the story, but rather played a minor part. While the book is a novel, it is a historical novel and a lot is learned about the region as well as how sniping played such a large role, though a devastatingly negative one, in the conflict. The story is decent with an enjoyable plot, though not an overly complex or deep one. The history is fascinating, but at the same time it is sad to see to what depths humanity can sink. By reading the book you will not learn much about sniping, but you will learn about the role that it played in the conflict, which itself can be a lesson in the psychological effect of sniping, and how to potentially counter it, as well. For a self published book, the editing was actually quiet good and it has a more professional feel than many other self published books that are out there.

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