Here at Sniper Central, we believe everyone should have the chance and ability to learn the art of the long range rifleman, regardless of financial means. We have always done our best to make the tools required accessible to as many people as possible to become better long range marksmen. With that goal and desire in mind, we are pleased to announce our Factory Long Range Rifle Packages!

The idea behind this concept is to take factory built rifles and combine them with a scope, optics mounts and a bipod, assemble everything and then zero it at 100 yards. Once assembled and zeroed we then ship it direct to your FFL dealer to transfer it to you. When the rifle shows up, you can take it to the range and be shooting and perfecting your skills immediately. You will likely have to tweak the zero to match your ammo and conditions precisely, but that is it. Because we are only mounting the optics to the unmodified rifle, it is not considered manufacturing by the BATF and we do not have to send out a base rifle to have you send it back like we do with our custom built rifle packages. Additionally, because these rifles and scopes are in stock at our distributors, we can get them here quickly and usually have the package out to you in under 30 days. It also allows us to put together some seriously affordable packages which cost the same or less than if you were to source the parts yourself, but yet it is already assembled and ready to go!

Because there are hundreds of suitable rifles and optics, we have listed only some of the basic options to get started. If there is a rifle or scope you want but is not included on the list, just contact us and we’ll add the option to the list and give you the best deal we can. It is all about furthering our goal of helping all become more proficient long range riflemen.

Visit our Factory Rifle Package page to find out more.

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