We are excited to introduce what we call the Sniper Central Experience. This is a personalize training course specifically for a single two-person team. It is an all encompassing experience that includes everything taken care of by us here at Sniper Central leaving the enjoyment and learning to you.

This unique training concept is one that is extremely flexible. It can be held at any time of the year that works for your team and Sniper Central and it is completely flexible as to what is taught. Since the class size is a single two person team, the curriculum is tailored for the training goals of that team. It is a five day experience that is focused solely on that single team and what they wish to accomplish. This is personalized training at its finest!

Additionally, everything is handled and provided in terms of equipment, food, and lodging. That includes two complete rifles that are yours to keep and love after the experience. To find out all the details about this one of a kind training, including costs and available blocks of instruction, head to our Sniper Central Experience page.

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