As we continue to evolve Sniper Central into the community driven hub for all things sniping, we have decided to change things up for our member area of the web page. We changed the model completely in order to make it accessible to everyone who is interested. We are announcing that we have changed the Premium member account to now be Sniper Central Insiders, which includes all the same benefits as before, but with even more and new stuff coming! Perhaps the most exciting part is that we did not want to exclude anyone due to finances, so we setup the fee structure to be something along the lines of a Go Fund Me project…just pay what you can! Literally, you can pay any amount you would like, including FREE.

Is this a risk? Yep, absolutely it is! But we believe in what we are doing here and we want to give back to our readers and the sniping community by providing all the information we can, including our member content. We feel that our readership (that is you) will reward us by paying what you can, if anything, and continuing to come back and read. The more readers we have, the more we are able to do! So spread the word and become an Insider now, if you are not already. If you are already a premium member, guess what, you are now a SC Insider! Welcome aboard.

We would also like to announce two additional features coming for insiders. Those additions are the inclusion of periodic polls on the web page that SC Insiders get to vote on and the launch of our first eBook, Marksmanship for Snipers: Book 1, later this week. The eBook will be available on Amazon (we’ll provide a link), but like above, we want everyone to have access to it, so we’ll provide all our eBooks in HTML style format to SC Insiders as a part of the SC Insiders content. If you decide to purchase the eBook on Amazon, the price will be very affordable (under $5).

We are serious, we want everyone to participate, so please let us know how we are doing and what you would like to see! We have so much more stuff coming.

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