We would like to introduce everyone to our new series of sniper related videos known as Sniper Talk! We have our first four episodes posted to our new Sniper Central You Tube Channel (feel free to subscribe) as well as posted to our own Sniper Talk Page (link also found in the menu bar at the top of the page). The videos are all free for everyone and please fill free to share them with co-workers, family and friends! These have been fun to make and while the first ones all take place in our Sniper Central HQ facility in Victor Montana, we have many new video ideas that will be filmed out in the field as well. Some will be informational, some will be historical, some will be taking on a challenging shot from viewers and some will be fun glamor videos to promote the value of snipers in our armed forces. We look forward to doing more an would love to hear your feedback!

See all the videos here



Jesper Salmon

I like the Sniper Talk! Videos, good job on those.
For me it makes a big difference to get a visual instead of reading it.


Thanks for the comments! We are working on the next set of them now. We are also trying to work on how to best incorporate video with our reviews, but without just saying the same things we have already said in the written review. Trying to figure out the right balance there. We’ll have some video from SHOT as well.


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