We are proud to introduce the first rifle in our Heritage line of classic sniper rifles. Though the SPR may not be considered a traditional sniper rifle, we are still fans of what the rifle was capable of and how it served while in service with our Special Operations forces. If you are not familiar with the MK12 SPR, please read our writeup here where you can learn about why we consider it a part of the sniping community.

Our Heritage line of rifles are rifles we build to honor the heritage of sniping in all of its forms. These rifles tend to be about a 95% recreation of the original rifles with some changes to make them either better, or because the original parts are no longer available. We thought that the SPR would make a great first rifle in our Heritage lineup. We started this about a decade ago when we built a run of Vietnam era M40 rifles and have decided now to start offering a whole line of heritage rifles. To find out all the details and place your order for a SCMK12, follow the link below.

Sniper Central SCMK12 Heritage SPR

Even if you do not care about the history and heritage of the MK12 SPR, the SCMK12 is still a very capable AR SPR rifle and is available with different options than most out there and even chambered in the .224 Valkyrie giving it enhanced performance. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out

We have done everything we could to keep the price reasonable yet the performance exceptional. The base price for a MOD H version is only $1300 plus shipping. We love the Mk12 SPR rifles and want any who have a desire to honor the history of these rifles to have the opportunity.

Sniper Central 2020



Would a regular .223 round (which I am required to purchase at my firing range) be okay if I choose the 0.224 option in the configurator for the SCMK12? I believe it would be fine, but just double checking.


You will want to choose the .223/5.56 option. The barrels we use have what is called the “Wylde” chamber which makes it safe to shoot both 5.56 and 223 Rem ammo. Do not choose the .224 Valkyrie as that is a completely different cartridge.


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