For those of you that have been following Sniper Central for a while, recall that we had a very active online forums area up until about 5 years ago. We sold off the forums only due to the administrative headache they had become so that we could focus on our core mission. Fast forward to today.

We have followed the various sniping forums out on the internet, including the Hide, and even our old SC Forums, and they have continued to move away from what we would consider respectful, professional and productive conversation. This was the original intent of forums in general and especially the Sniper Central forms in particular. We had several readers request that we once again start up the forums on Sniper Central to provide a place where respectful, beneficial, and clean conversation can happen. A place where people can come and not feel scared to ask a question because they fear they will be flamed, or ridiculed due to a novice question. Well, this is that place.

With that goal in mind, there are strictly enforced rules for the Sniper Central forums.

  • There is no profanity allowed – period
  • There are no personal attacks allowed – period
  • No porn, no guts and gore photos, and no vulgar photos are allowed – period

That should about do it. The Sniper Central forums are a place to ask questions, get answers, and get involved. We all learn with active participation and respectful discussion. This does not mean we do not disagree, but we can disagree without being disagreeable and can express our thoughts with respectful language and thoughtful dialog. So please come participate in a professional setting to discuss all things sniping. We will be active participants ourselves to help answer any questions and to participate in the discussions. If you are signed up as a Sniper Central member (its free), then you already have access to post to the forums. Anyone, member or not, can read them. It is easy to signup if you are not (did I mention its free?).

The Sniper Central Forums

Thank you, and enjoy the forums!


Michael Vick

Thank you for bringing back the forums Mel!! Not as good as face to face, but almost! Asking questions is to me – a life ;ong instructor, a great way to learn. The books may have information, what a man has to say will save your life!


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