James 516 is a crime mystery novel that involves many of the characters being Law Enforcement snipers. From the get go you can tell that the author has some familiarity with snipers and law enforcement and when you read his bio you will see that he has a 20 plus year career with law enforcement and has worked with snipers as well. While most of the details are accurate, there are parts that are a bit far fetched and not realistically possible, but for the most part these are rare not too distracting. There are even portions of the book that are describing the shooting drills of the sniper team, and these are typically real drills that would be run by a sniper team for training. The crime and mystery part of the Novel are also entertaining and you can tell the author again has experience with crime scene procedures, routines and investigations. Overall the book was not too bad with a good plot that had some fun twists and there was enough about the sniping side of things to keep us interested here.

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