Kill Shot starts from the very earliest days of what is considered sniping and then moves toward modern day. Along the way the author outlines the history of sniping and includes stories and photos of some of the most famous snipers. The book only discusses military sniping and does not include any law enforcement snipers. There are some interesting stories and photos, but if you have read some of the other good books about the history of sniping, you will likely not find much new. There are a few photos that we had not seen before and some interesting facts presented. Unfortunately, there are many basic items of fact that the book got wrong. Things such as nomenclatures of some pictured rifles, or what branch of the service a sniper served in, etc. Because of those inaccuracies, we were having a hard time knowing which of the interesting new facts we learned were actually correct. Beyond those mistakes, the material is pretty good and presented in a good way with a good amount of interesting photos, paintings and diagrams. If you have not read many books about the history of snipers, this might be a good one to start with, just be aware that some of the little facts are not correct. Perhaps a revised version is on its way.

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