Last week Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas) introduced a bill in congress to posthumously award the Medal of Honor to former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. It will be interesting to see where the bill goes but we here at Sniper Central support it!

Even after a member of congress recommends the Medal of Honor be awarded, the nomination process is fairly long. It involves the request makes it way up a long chain of command including the chief of staff of the U.S. Army, the secretary of the U.S. Army and the secretary of Defense. Only then does it ultimately land on the President’s desk.



D. Johnson

Totally concur with that recommendation. Honor and integrity is not a strong point of our leaders right now. I sincerely hope those shortcomings can be overcome and he will receive the honor he deserves.


He deserves it. For how much he did for our country its a no brainer. If there was a petition going around I would get right in line to sign it

Larry Slagel

Over the years we have lostmany good people. I think it’s time to recognize those that have given all. Count me in to honor Chris.


In my personal opinion, I think he should have gotten it before his death. It’s a shame that a person has to die before they are recognized for their accomplishments.

Erny Kuncl

Excellent motion/bill. Hopefully it will help Taya and Chris’es kids and by making him and the honor more open we help awareness of how important the aggressive use of snipers can be!

Erny Kuncl (USNPS Ranger – Special Agent, Emeritus)


Regardless of what our current administration will or won’t do, can or can not do on behalf of the Husband, the Father and the Soldier.
Chris Kyle, deserves the utmost in respect and in honors for ALL he has done and sacrificed for his family and our country.
Charlie Mike’in….


Au-delà de ce que Chris a fait pendant les combats pour la défense de ses camarades, pensez au nombre de vocations et de recrutements qui sont nés après la lecture de son livre ou la vision du film “American Sniper”.
Mr. OBAMA POTUS, honore him!


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