Leica has long been one of the leaders in the hand-held portable laser range finder market. Yes, their units are typically more expensive than their competitors, but they pride themselves with better than industry standard performance and leading edge technology. Leica has just released the details on their new CRF Rangemaster 2700-b Laser Range Finder.

The 2700-b incorporates a new 30% stronger laser with an effective range out to 2700 yards (nearly 2500 meters), which is a nice improvement over the 2000-b. It has been our experience that the effective ranges that Leica lists is a number that you can reliable count on to get readings at even in the field, it does not need to be a highly reflective target at those distances. On top of that, for distances under 200 yards the 2700-b reads to the nearest tenth of a yard (or meter) instead of a full yard. Another new feature is the quick scan capability where it returns a result in .3 seconds, making it capable of doing the continuous scan over an area like the SIG Kilo units do.

The one other big new technical change is the introduction of a slot for a Micro SD card where you are able to upload your own custom ballistic information that the 2700-b can incorporate into its ballistic calculations and display your adjustments on screen. The 2700-b also compensates for slope shooting (Angle shooting) as well and can display the effective horizontal distance on the fly, though this capability is limited to 1200 yards.

Throw on top of the new technical features an improvement in the optical quality of the glass itself and you have a very effective and portable LRF that is only 4.4″ long and weighs only 6.5 ounces (less than half a pound). The list price is $899 and you will likely be able to find them a little cheaper when they hit the street. It is nice to see continued improvement in the development of the tools of the trade.

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