It is that time of year, near SHOT Show, when manufacturers start to make their new product announcements, and this one looks good.

When we visited the Leupold factory, we were informed at that time that they were in the process of expanding their lineup of electronic gear and getting more serious about it. Now we are starting to see the fruits of their labor. The previous stand alone LRF’s from Leupold that we have looked at, have not been that impressive. But it looks like this combo Binocular/Laser Range Finder is changing that. Leupold indicated that the RBX-3000 has been in development for 5 years now.

They also are saying that the RBX-3000 in 10x42mm bino form will be able to reliably range reflective targets up to 3000 yards and soft targets out to 2600, which, if accurate, will be impressive. They are also incorporating the “Scan” feature that we like on the Sig Kilo series of LRFs. Just keep the ranging button pressed and you get a continuous feedback of ranges as you scan the field.

Additionally, the RBX-3000 also will give you temp, air pressure, and humidity and of course, like all the top LRFs, it will give you the angle to the target as well. The RBX then will combine all of that information and give a true ballistic solution based off of that angle and environmental conditions. These are also a true binocular so the optical performance is much better than what you get with a traditional LRF only unit. This allows a sniper team to combine three devices into one. Binocular, LRF, and weather meter (minus wind speed). No price is listed, but they indicate the unit will be available in spring of 2019.

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