Long Range Ammunition List

Here at Sniper Central we try to carry an assorment of long range ammunition that will satisfy the needs of sniper teams as well as long range shooting enthusiasts. We have been a long time exclusive retailer of the long range ammunition available from HSM but we also carry other manufacturers and are constantly trying to bring in the latest available ammo that is out there. While we have the ability to get any of the HSM and other manufacturer's loads, we do primarily focus on the long range match and sniping loads.

Below you will find information including how to order ammunition, what loads are available and what we have in stock, as well as current pricing and availability. Feel free to contact sales@snipercentral.com with any questions you may have.

How to Purchase
In order to purchase rifle ammunition you must be 18 years or older in age and legally able to purchase small arms ammunition. When we ship the ammunition it will ship via UPS ground and unless otherwise requested, all orders over $200 will require an adult signature. We will not be able to ship ammunition to Alaska or Hawaii or outside of the USA.

Also, several states and cities do not allow the purchasing of ammunition via mail order, which this would be considered. Some of these locations are NY City and some cities within the State of Massachusetts and others. You, as the purchaser, will need to check with local laws to insure that you may legally purchase ammunition in your area. Especially be aware if you live in Delaware, DC, New York and Ohio. If you live in Illinois a copy of your valid FOID card is also required and can be emailed or sent to us directly. By purchasing ammunition from Sniper Central you are agreeing that you are legal to purchase small arms ammunition from an out of state retailer and that you are in compliance with all federal, state and local laws.

In stock inventory is realtime and up to date.

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