We just concluded our second basic Long Range Precision Marksman class of 2019 and it went extremely well. We had a full class (actually, overbooked by 2) and all of the students were great and a joy to work with. Everyone had a great attitude which makes teaching the class enjoyable. The weather cooperated better than our first class and the scenery around Polson Montana was stunning.

Once again we had a wide variety of equipment and below is the summary of the different rifles, calibers and optics that were present in this class.

The break down was about even between custom rifles and factory built rifles.

  • 2 – Sako
  • 5 – Remington 700s in various forms
  • 1 – Tactical Operation Lima-51
  • 1 – Custom built AR10 (.308)
  • 1 – LaRue AR-10 (.308)
  • 1 – Bergara HMR
  • 1 – Savage 12
You would be smiling too if you were shooting this beautiful Tactical Operations Lima-51

Rifle Chamberings:
You will notice that we were very heavy on .308’s with this class. Normally there are almost an equal number of 6.5 Creedmoors with a few others thrown in the mix.

  • 8 – 308 Winchester
  • 3 – 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 1 – .260 Remington

Our selection of optics was wide spread and this has become more and more common with these classes. There are a lot of good scope options that shooters are choosing from and it shows in our makeup of chosen optics that students bring.

  • 1 – Schmidt & Bender PMII
  • 3 – Leupold Mk4
  • 3 – Vortex (PST, PST Gen2, Razor Gen2)
  • 2 – Nightforce (NXS, ATACR)
  • 1 – Weaver Tactical
  • 1 – Sig Optics (Tango 4)
  • 1 – Millett TSR-1

We had no equipment failures during this class, which was nice as this is not normally the case. Additionally the students were able to check out a lot of different equipment that others brought. The low light shooting is ALWAYS an eye opening experience when comparing optics.

Again, this was a great class and we had a wonderful experience with all of the students and hope to see them all again. Everyone seemed to go home happy, which tends to happen when they are all able to shoot at 1000 yards and learn valuable skills about shooting unknown distance engagements!

Sniper Central 2019

Low Light engagements…slow shutter speed happened to catch the muzzle flash

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