McMillan announced a few new camo patterns for their stocks. They have the Spectre and Ambush series of patterns with a few different color options in each pattern.

The Spectre series mimics aspects of the digital camo and is available in Woodland, Desert, Urban, ACU and Forest. Below is a picture of the Woodland color scheme.


The second pattern is called the ‘Ambush’ pattern and it was developed for desert and foliage that is located around the Southwestern US or other similar environments. It is available in Desert Ambush and Coyote Ambush. The Coyote Ambush is pictured below.


Both camo patterns are molded in so they will not scratch and will hold up over time. You can see all the options on their color options page.

They look like they should be some very good options and we are excited to see some rifles use these patterns. (Yes, we can order our entry package rifles that use McMillan stocks in these patterns)


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