We wanted to take a minute again on this unique holiday to recognize those that have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country as well as those that died fighting against tyranny and oppression. We also recognize and honor those that have lost loved ones that were doing the same.

Please take a moment and step away from the family BBQ and even the flag waving, and think about what this holiday really means. We also encourage all to honor those that have fallen by taking the time to respect and use those freedoms that these brave men and women have died and fought for. Remember, it is about freedom from oppression, freedom to chose, and the freedom to act according to our free will. It is not about voting or doing something because some one, some group, or even some party told you that is what you are supposed to do. No, that is an affront of what those heroes died for. Rather, take the time to act on your own free will, research the topics, and exercise your freedom of thought and make the decision for yourself.

Stand up for what is right, not for what is perceived as being “correct”. Freedom is never free, do not freely give it away. Mankind is intended to be free. Free to chose liberty and happiness and to allow everyone else to do the same.

Sniper Central 2019

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Marty Fick

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom and constant awareness and preparedness are the price of security…


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