This classic sniper rifle we have listed here is one that was purchased from one of the importing companies that assembles these 1891/30 Sniper variants from the proper parts and pieces, but the rifles themselves were never a factory built sniper rifle. We purchased this one to add to our Sniper Central Collection but have since decided that we would rather search around and add an original one when the appropriate one is found. We never fired this rifle after we received it and it is in the same condition as it came from the importer.

Action: 1891/30
Chambering: 7.62x54R
Barrel Length: 28.7″
Stock: Factory Wood
Trigger: Factory (its heavy and rough)
Rings & Base: See Photos
Scope: See Photos
Price: $1100

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Swamp Fox

I have a translation by the Department of The Army, Office Of The Assistant Chief Of Staff For Intelligence, ” Historical Developments Of Marksmanship” by A. A. Yur’yev, published by The State House Of Physical Culture And Sport, Moscow, 1957. Chapter 3 Preparing the Gun and Selecting The Rounds For Competitive Shooting, gives instructions on how to tune the Model 1891/30 for competition akin to Service Rifle. The book goes over how to minimize the stock interference on the barrel and how to tune the trigger.


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