Well, this one really should not come as any real surprise to anyone. With the success of the Ruger Precision Rifle it was only a matter of time before Remington followed suit with a similar chassis rifle of their own. Remington has just announced their new model 700 Precision Chassis Rifle (PCR), which even has a similar name as the Ruger. But while the rifle concept is similar to the Ruger, and other chassis rifles, there are some differences between them.

Of course at the heart of the PCR is the famed Remington 700 action with a 24″ barrel that uses the 5R rifling. Remington has been making a big push with more rifles using the 5R and they do tend to shoot well. In fact, for the PCR Remington is giving it a 1 MOA guarantee for accuracy (well, they call it a 1 MOA “assurance”). The barrel also comes threaded with a thread protect cap for suppressor or muzzlebrake use.  The trigger is the typical XMarkPro trigger, which is externally adjustable, and while not a great trigger, it gets the job done.

The chassis is a full aluminum chassis with a Magpul PRS (Gen 3) buttstock attached which is adjustable for length of pull and cheek height. It also features a Magpul pistol grip as well. Some of the other features on the rifle include a larger tactical bolt knob, aluminum handguard with MLok slots for accessory mounting, DBM setup and the normal other stuff. The three initial chamberings include .308 Win, 260 Rem, and 6.5mm Creedmoor.

You will note that Remington opted to go with the more traditional route for a bolt action chassis rifle with the buttstock set lower to allow for bolt clearance, unlike the Ruger Precision Rifle which has everything in line and then incorporates a folding stock. Most of the factory chassis rifles are using the setup like Remington, keeping the Ruger a bit more unique. If you are looking for an off the shelf chassis rifle, this Remington could be a good choice if you like the Remington 700 action. List price is $1199 which puts it in direct competition with the other players in this field.


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