We just posted another video episode of Sniper Talk to our Sniper Central YouTube Channel. This episode is all about maintaining concealment by utilizing a clandestine bolt manipulation technique. We show you how it works. You can head to our channel with the link above or watch the video below:

You can also find all of our episodes on our dedicated Sniper Talk Page.

Sniper Central 2019



Hello, Mel.

Thanks for the video. I’ve got a question: I take it that gloves (covering middle finger at the very least) are absolute neccessity? I’d expect brass and probably front lug to be quite hot to touch right after a shot.

(granted, gloves are pretty much a requirement anyway, for general protection and covering visible skin).


Actually no. Gloves are not necessary at all. Yes, the brass will be warm/hot to the touch, but not scorching hot as they cool pretty quick, especially if fired from a cold bore. The bolt lugs are not hot at all.


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