The new Improved Ghillie System (IGS) began the testing phase in November in Florida at Eglin AFB. This was the visual testing phase conducted between Nov 5th through the 8th and involved a number of operational snipers from various US Army units. These operational snipers tested a number of different prototype systems that are being evaluated for adoption as the new IGS for the US Army. One of the primary focuses of the new system is modularity. This will allow sniper teams the flexibility of only using parts of a suit instead of the complete suit.

There were snipers from the Rangers, SF units as well as conventional units on hand that provided valuable feedback to the acquisition team. This round of testing was purely for the visual aspects and capabilities of the suits and they were tested from 10 to 200 meters away. There is no better evaluator of the effectiveness of a ghillie suit than trained snipers, so it made sense to bring in various snipers to provide their feedback. The gathering of snipers from all types of units also allowed for the sharing of information and input on how the different sniper teams incorporate and use their ghillie suits.

The next phase of testing will be the Limited Use Evaluation (LUE) phase. The prototypes that passed the required performance parameters will be purchased in limited numbers and tested in the field by actual sniper teams and then the final decision will be made.

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