The cover of this book indicates it is a history of the military sniper, from the sharpshooter to Afghanistan and in reality the author does a pretty good job of it. There is not a lot time spent on the history of the firearms which is a good change from most of the other “history of sniper” type of books and instead it does offer a lot of individual accounts of various snipers throughout the years, including some unique quotes and documented experiences from several centuries ago. This aspect of this book made it a good read with enough background information and history to provide the required knowledge, but not too much to make the book dry. This is the updated version of the book which includes an additional chapter involving the latest Middle East conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only real complaint I have is that the author missed some fairly obvious details about the US equipment used which should have been caught before publishing, though the author and publishing company are based in the UK which probably explains the errors. Mr. Pegler is also a historian and as such does not himself provide insight to the life of a sniper but has approached it as a historian, providing an unbiased view, though perhaps missing some of the finer details that someone with experience may have presented. The progression of the book is nice, covering the major conflicts in the world over the past several centuries where snipers played a role. Overall this is a good book on the sniper role itself mixed with good personal quotes about the topic from actual snipers that have served in those conflicts.

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