KMW – Long Range Solutions Custom Tactical Rifle

Terry Cross is renowned as both a competitive shooter and as a custom rifle builder. His rifle building company is known as KMW Long Range Solutions which has a very nice reputation for their rifles and also some other innovations like the “Pod-Loc” for the Harris Bipods. A friend of Sniper Central, John, provided us with his new and unfired KMW custom .260 Tactical Rifle for evaluation to check our Terry’s handy-work. As with most custom built tactical rifles this rifle was built to order and represents what the customer wants more so than what the builder might think is best. So, what you see here is a rifle that… Read more »


Weaver Grand Slam Tactical 3-10x40mm

Weaver is one of the old names in rifle scope manufacturing and was originally a US based scope manufacturer. In fact, they are celebrating their 80th year. Some of the old classic Weaver scopes are considered almost legendary, such as the model 330C that were used on some WWII sniper rifles. Weaver was eventually sold (several times) and they are now Japanese made scopes. I have used several Weaver scopes over the years and they have always been good quality glass and scopes. They have also made several different tactical scopes as well and have recently come out with a Grand Slam Tactical as well as a tactical line that… Read more »


Tactical Operations XRay-51

Over the years we have reviewed and used a good number of the Tactical Operations rifles and have been very impressed with their extreme accuracy and attention to detail. It has been a while since we completed a full evaluation of one of their main stream rifle models and there have actually been a few introductions of new rifles to their lineup since our last review. While there is not a lot of differences between the various TacOps models we still wanted to get our hands on a new production rifle to see if it still holds the same standards as before. One of our loyal readers again stepped up… Read more »


Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56mm Tactical Rifle Scope

Have we really never done a review on a Nightforce scope? That seemed, and still seems odd! Once noticed I realized we had better change that since Nightforce is such a large player in the tactical scope world now. Nightforce is relatively new in terms of the established high quality scope manufacturers, they were established in 1992 and according to their web page have had the goal of making the finest rifle scopes in the world. To see how they stack up, we tested a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56mm with NP-R2 reticle and zerostop. The Nightforce scopes are in the upper price range of scopes with this model coming in at… Read more »


Manners Composite Stocks

Without doubt the McMillan series of stocks have been the industry leader in durable fiberglass stocks for the past 30+ years. But there are some other composite stock makers that are doing well in the industry like HS Precision, Bell & Carlson, Hogue and others. Over the past several years there have been some other new companies that are offering some innovative and new stock designs to the tactical world. One of these companies is Manners Composite Stocks (MCS) located in Kansas City, MO. MCS is offering several tactical stock designs with a claim to a lighter, stronger and more durable composite stock for the tactical and hunting world. While… Read more »


Tactical Rifles M40T4

Tactical Rifles is another one of the high quality custom tactical rifle manufacturers here in the USA. They have been around for a while now and have been producing some very high quality rifles, originally based on the tried and true Remington 700 action, but now they have developed their own “Chimera” action and are building most of their rifles on this new “similar to the 700” action. Tactical Rifles recently provided us the opportunity to fully test and evaluate one of their M40T4 rifles chambered in 308 Win., which we were happy to accommodate. While the rifle is called the M40, do not confuse it with the USMC M40… Read more »


Tactical Rifles M40T2

A bit ago we reviewed a Tactical Rifles M40T4 which we were impressed with and when the time came to acquire a second rifle chambered in the .260 Remington to conduct ammo comparisons with, as well as do night vision reviews, we decided to go with a Tactical Rifles and see how a .260 rifle would perform. We wanted to go with a rifle that was a bit different than the one we had already reviewed and since Tactical Rifles is a true custom rifle builder they will build to suit. Of course, when one is having a custom rifle built it is fun to go through the options and… Read more »


Russian Dragunov SVD

The SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova)-Dragunov Sniping Rifle was the first rifle designed from scratch as a sniper rifle, and was introduced in the 1950’s. It has very limited similarities to the Kalashnikov series of rifles. The SVD can be expected to shoot 2 MOA with quality ammo. I have some personal experience with an original SVD (circa late 1970’s). While the weapon was a bit crude when it comes to workmanship, it still functioned flawlessly. We shot extensively out to 900 meters. The rifle is extremely deadly, even with cheap surplus ammo, out to about 600 meters. After that, your pressed to hit consistantly. We easily were maintaining sub 2… Read more »

A word from SC

Winter Training

We had the opportunity to conduct some late winter sniper training in March of 1999. Some pictures and information is provided below., Here are a couple of pics of us in a slight depression, providing a pretty nice temporary hide. I’m shooter, and Spc. Witt is behind the spotting scope in these pics. The problem with sniping in snow is the amount of time we spend doing…. nothing! Just laying in the snow is a good way to get frost bite, or even worse. You must be prepared with lots of insulation, especially on your front, and don’t be afraid of cheating, i.e. little chemical warmers to stuff in the… Read more »