A word from Mel

Winter Training

We had the opportunity to conduct some late winter sniper training in March of 1999. Some pictures and information is provided below., Here are a couple of pics of us in a slight depression, providing a pretty nice temporary hide. I’m shooter, and Spc. Witt is behind the spotting scope in these pics. The problem with sniping in snow is the amount of time we spend doing…. nothing! Just laying in the snow is a good way to get frost bite, or even worse. You must be prepared with lots of insulation, especially on your front, and don’t be afraid of cheating, i.e. little chemical warmers to stuff in the… Read more »

A word from Mel

Blackbird at NTC

What is Blackbird? Blackbird has been the unofficial (non SOI) call sign for our sniper team for the past two years. Our team consists of myself, Sgt. Mel Ewing and Spc Morgan Witt. We are both B4 qualified (U.S. Army Sniper School Graduates) snipers for a Mechanized Infantry Company. Yes, you read that right, we are Mech, M2A2 Tread Heads (Though we both hate the Bradleys). I am a former 11B, but our unit converted to Bradleys about three years ago. Spc Witt was formerly with a Force XXI (21) unit, and has since joined us in a “Real” infantry unit. Though we both wish we were light infantry, we… Read more »

Statement on DC Area Shootings

I am writing this official stance in response to the many requests I’ve been receiving in regards to the current shootings that are happening in the D.C. area. The comments I make in this statement are my own opinions and feelings and in no way indicate an official stance from any agency or company other than snipercentral.com and myself. First and foremost I want to express my feelings of compassion and sadness to the families of the victims, may God be with you and your loved ones. I also want to express the fact that this shooter is a murderer and is not a sniper as we in the profession… Read more »

Carlos Norman Hathcock II

Carlos Hathcock is perhaps the most famous American sniper out there. Chris Kyle would probably be the only other sniper with as much notoriety. Much of his popularity is well deserved as his legendary exploits during the Vietnam war set him apart as perhaps the most pure of the successful snipers. By pure we mean someone who is a master of the fieldcraft and not just the marksmanship and the way he operated is what comes to mind when someone thinks of what a sniper does. While he was a world class marksman, having won the Wimbledon Cup 1000 yard competition against the best in the world, he was more… Read more »

Adelbert F. Waldron III

Adelbert Waldron III, “Bert” to those that knew him, was the most accomplished U.S. sniper during the Vietnam conflict. Adelbert originally joined the U.S. Navy in 1953 where he served for twelve years and left as an E-5 in 1965. In 1968 Sgt. Waldron enlisted in the US Army as a Sergeant and headed to Vietnam as part of Company B, 3rd Battalion, 60th Infantry of the 9th Infantry Division. Sgt. Waldron qualified as an expert marksman and was sent to the now famous 9th ID sniper school that was run in country by the Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) with the support of the 9th ID commander, General Julian Ewell…. Read more »

Marie Ljalkova

Marie Ljalkova pictured above with an SVT-40 sniper variant.

Roza Shanina

Roza Shanina became famous in the Soviet Union during World War 2 not only because she was an accomplished female sniper, but also because she was beautiful as well.

Joseph Pilyushin

Joseph Pilyushin was an accomplished sniper that fought for the U.S.S.R. on the Eastern Front up at and around Lengingrad which was his home before and after the war. At 38 years old, Joseph was quite old when he went off to war but had been in the civil defense forces before the war and that is where he learned to shoot well by competing on a rifle team. Like many soldiers, Joseph was injured a number of times during combat and even lost his right eye, which was his shooting eye, at which point he learned to shoot left handed. While the Red Army labeled him unfit for combat… Read more »