Roza Shanina

Roza Shanina became famous in the Soviet Union during World War 2 not only because she was an accomplished female sniper, but also because she was beautiful as well.

Joseph Pilyushin

Joseph Pilyushin was an accomplished sniper that fought for the U.S.S.R. on the Eastern Front up at and around Lengingrad which was his home before and after the war. At 38 years old, Joseph was quite old when he went off to war but had been in the civil defense forces before the war and that is where he learned to shoot well by competing on a rifle team. Like many soldiers, Joseph was injured a number of times during combat and even lost his right eye, which was his shooting eye, at which point he learned to shoot left handed. While the Red Army labeled him unfit for combat… Read more »


US M1C and M1D

The semi-automatic M1 Garand was adopted as the standard issue battle rifle for the US Armed Forces in 1932 and finally started to enter service in 1936, which then led to constant refinement of the rifle. This refinement and adoption procedure precluded any work being done on a sniper version of the M1 which, as is common between wars, rated very low on the priority list for the M1. As World War II broke out for the USA, a large demand for scoped rifles and snipers developed. Because the M1 was the standard issue rifle, it was first examined for feasibility as a sniper rifle and two prototypes were approved,… Read more »


M1903A4 and M1903A1 Unertl

The M1903-A4 was a specifically designed sniper rifle that came as a result of early U.S. combat involvement in the Pacific. There was a high demand, that could not be filled, for telescopic (sniper) rifles. The Infantry Board and the Ordanance Department conducted an evaluation and recommended that the Weaver 2.5x 330C hunting telescope be adopted for use on M1903 and M1903-A1 rifles. The rifle was officially adopted on 14 Jan 1943 as the M1903-A4 (sniper).   The M1903-A4 was an accurate rifle with an effective range of about 600 yards (550m), with the main limit on long range accuracy coming from its very low power scope (2.5x). From its… Read more »


Walter Birdsong and his Black-T® and Green-T® finish

When it comes to rifle finishes, the standard by which all the others are measured is the legendary Black-T. Black-T is specifically singled out as the required finish on the weapons from numerous government agencies around the world, including the FBI’s HRT rifles and 1911’s. One of the interesting things about the Birdsong company is that they do no advertising and really do not push their product, making public available information fairly scarce. Well, we recently had the opportunity to sit down (on the phone) and talk for a while to Walter Birdsong himself and learn about his finishes and a bit about the history of the company and development… Read more »


Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm M5B2

Leupold is probably one of the most trusted brands of scopes and they could even be considered one of the pioneers in the tactical scope market. We take a hard look at their latest in the tactical scope lineup.