Tikka T3 Sporter

Can the updated Tikka Sporter target rifle work as a sniper rifle? There is only one way to find out…

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A Holiday Update

Merry Christmas! First we would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and hope that each of you takes the opportunity to share the time with those people that mean the most to you. We will be out of the office starting this afternoon and will not return until Monday Dec 29th so that we may spend time with family and friends. Just as a few parting bits of information…. Nightforce made their big announcement and introduced a few new model lines to tactical scopes as well as spotting scope. The first was a new ATACR F1 model 5-25×56 with MOAR, MIL-R, H59, and Tremor3 reticles,  30MOA per rev elevation,… Read more »

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Friday Update – 19 Dec 2014

Welcome to the 19 Dec 2014 Friday update! Of course with the Holiday season upon us we have been busy doing the normal only business things. BUT, that does not mean we have not been hard at work with the good stuff here at Sniper Central! As we announced earlier in the week, we were able to get the new ammo summary page up and going so you can easily see what long range ammo we have in stock. You can get to that link from the menu at the top of the page, or you can use this direct link: Sniper Central Long Range Ammunition Work continues on the… Read more »

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Ammo List Now Available!

I wanted to just quickly let everyone know that the big “Ammo List” showing all of the Long Range ammo available from Sniper Central along with real time inventory is now back online with the new redesigned web page!! You can see the page here: Sniper Central Long Range Ammo List You can also navigate to that page by clicking on “Shop” in the menu above and then click “The Ammo List” and it will get you there as well. Like I mentioned, the inventory is real-time so it is always up to date. Of course, we add, and sometimes remove, items as we find new stuff we want to… Read more »


News from around the industry

There are some interesting product announcements from various manufacturers that we stumbled upon. Silencer Co is getting into the ammo making business. Their first load is a sub-sonic 220gr 300 AAC blackout load which is intended to compliment their 30 cal suppressors. Lapua also continues to expand is line of ammunition as well with their own 300 AAC blackout load as well. It is also in 220gr. But they have also introduced a couple of 7mm-08 loads. If you recall with our 7mm-08 rifle review we did, we had a problem finding good match grade long range ammo for the caliber. One of the Lapua loads is loaded with their… Read more »

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Friday Update

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Update for 5 Dec 2014 The new web site is running, for the most part, smoothly. It allows us to more easily update and add content which is a good thing. We still are working on a few ongoing items while also continuing to work on the new content. The highest priority “non-new content” item is the new global ammo summary list that people have been asking for. We had it mostly done, but then got sidetracked the last few days. I’ll try to get that wrapped up soon so you can see on a single page what our ammo inventories are. As… Read more »