Remington Announces PSR Delivery Order

The following press released was sent out by Remington RemingtonĀ® Defense Announces Precision Sniper Rifle Delivery Order Madison, N.C. -The Department of Defense issued an order to Remington Defense for 443 Precision Sniper Rifles (“PSR”) chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum and 446 PSR caliber conversion kits in both .300 Win Mag and .308 Win. The order was placed under the competitively awarded PSR Systems contract. Remington Defense serves as the system integrator for the PSR, which is a durable sniper system capable of providing accurate target engagement and modular capabilities in barrel length and caliber conversion. Production phase of the PSR has begun after demonstrating that the prototype and low… Read more »


Last Remaining Migration Items

I just wanted to provide an update to the progress on the full migration of the new web page. Right now we are working on moving all of the items from the old Sniper Central Store to the new one. As we move the items from the old to the new, we are removing the items from the old site in order to keep inventory accurate. We will also be creating the new “Ammo List” to show everything we have with real time inventory. We would like to see that up by the beginning of next week. So if you are looking for items, be sure to check both stores… Read more »


Update!! SC Memberships up and going

Update – 6 Nov 2014 Well, finally, we have figured out the whole SSL issue and have the site up and going. The first thing we did is get the Sniper Central Memberships up and going. All of the old SC members have been migrated over to the new system so all the member only content is once again available to everyone. The Memberships is fully integrated into the site, so you can log into the web page (See the top right of the page) and you will then have access to the member area, as well as the same account can be used in the store where you can… Read more »

TAS Tactical Adjustment System

If you have spent much time in the field in a hide position fumbling through log books trying to determine what calculations to dial in for a 680 meter target on a 10 degree decline from you with a 15 mph wind at your 2 o’clock, you soon realize there is a lot of calculations and information to try and manage just to make a good guess at hitting your target. This is where your log book comes in which will have your zero summary in the front of the book for various ranges as well as a wind chart and probably a chart of inclined shooting, and this data… Read more »