Wow, where do we begin? There were some announcements from Nightforce at SHOT this year, but it seems like there has been a steady stream of new product announcements since then as well. Maybe we just missed some of them at SHOT? Regardless, we thought we would just take a moment to recap on the many new products from Nightforce in 2017 and as we continue to receive updates from other manufacturers we’ll post them as well.

To start off, the first big announcement was the release of the new ATACR F1 7-35x56mm tactical scope. To us this is a somewhat odd offering as it seams to be catering to the “more power” crowd but yet doesn’t quite have all it needs for extreme range shooting where the magnification would be useful. The scope has a parallax adjustment that goes all the way down to 10 meters and the scope has 100 MOA of adjustment, which is good, but for extreme range shooting it probably needs another 40 MOA on top of that. With 35x on the top end, its massively capable,  it also has a FFP reticle, and it has their great knobs. Do be aware that this is a big 34mm scope weighing over two pounds. Anyway, it is an interesting new offering that we’ll be watching.

Up next is their new Nightforce carbon fiber tripod. Nightforce has had their TS-82 spotting scope on the market for a while now, but they have not had a companion tripod to go with it. Initially we thought the tripod would be too large for sniper use as it only collapses down to 18″ in length, but there were enough useful features that we thought we would mention it here. The legs are cabon fiber which helps reduce the weight to only 3.6 pounds (about a pound more than the ATACR 7-35x56mm scope mentioned above) which helps with portability. The max height is 64 inches, but for us the more important number is the minimum height which is only 9 inches and is achieved by utilizing the low profile ability of the legs. Yes, it still has a wide stance and will be a pain when trying to get up close to the shooter when spotting, but it does offer that ability to keep your teams profile low. Two of the legs are also removable to create a monopod with separate trekking poles. With the growing popularity of the Hog Saddle type use of tripods, this one might not be a bad choice for all-around use and it can come packaged with the TS-82.

Next was the introduction of a new reticle for their ATACR 5-25x56mm F1 scopes. They are calling this new reticle the MIL-C. As you probably can tell it is similar to their MIL-R reticle but was designed to allow more precision in measuring and they say more speed, but we are not sure how the more speed is achieved. It still utilizes the inverted T in the lower right quadrant for very precise measurement and then along the vertical and horizontal it uses hashes broken into .2 MIL increments. Its starting to get a bit busy and undoubtedly the precision marks will disappear at lower magnifications (FFP scopes), but it should be a good reticle for those needing more precision.

Finally, we’ll wrap up with some basic, but useful, new items available from Nightforce. An optical cleaning kit and tool kit. The cleaning kit includes cloths, air blowing tube to get dust and large particles off the lenses, lens brushes and various other useful items for keeping your scope in optimal condition. The tool kit includes a torque wrench and all the socket heads for their rings as well as torque and Allen heads for their rings, bases and for resetting their elevation and windage knobs as well as the zero stop mechanisms. Both of these little kits come with carrying cases and could be handy to have in your deployment kit or range bag.

Well, that about wraps it up for right now. We’ll do our best to keep everyone up to date on new items coming from the various manufacturers.

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