Boomslang Alpha Kit – Weapon Ghillie


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LD Mesh Camelbrown

Tactical Concealment’s Boomslang Weapon Ghillie Foundation allows an optic mounted rifle to be camouflaged using 3-dimensional materials as well as natural vegetation. When used in conjunction with an individual worn ghillie suit the operator and weapon system blend together, aiding in concealment.

The Boomslang is made up of prefabricated panels designed to fit overtop of specific weapon parts.  When attached adjustments can be made to achieve a tailor fit for the weapon on which it is installed. Most bolt action, semi-automatic rifles, optics and picatinny attached components are supported.

Special consideration was given to the Boomslang design to ensure adjustments can be made so that working parts of the weapon remain unobstructed and clear to help prevent jamming. Installation and removal are rapid.



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