Eagle Eye 308 Win. 175gr HPBT Match


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New Eagle Eye loaded .308 Win match grade long range ammunition.
2690 fps @ Muzzle
175gr HPBT – Eagle Eye
Ballistic Coefficient: .500

Eagle Eye tests every lot of their ammunition to insure it shoots .5 MOA or better and claim all of their brass is good for 10+ reloads.

From Eagle Eye:

“The Eagle Eye Precision 175 grain bullet features a number of important engineering advances over traditional match bullets. As with our cases, our bullet jackets also use the highest quality metals and proprietary processes to achieve the tighest tolerances for concentricity. The Eagle Eye Precision 175 grain bullet uses a harder brass composition, thicker jacket and larger diameter meplat compared to traditional match bullets in order to substantially improve terminal ballistics. The thin soft jackets which are common place with other match bullets often fall apart upon target impact and at long range offer poor terminal ballistic properties. Conversely, bullets designed purely with terminal ballistics in mind (ie. standard hunting bullets) often lack the precision and accuracy necessary to engage targets at long ranges. In contrast, the Eagle Eye Precision 175 grain bullet significantly improves terminal ballistics imparting more kinetic energy into the target without sacrificing accuracy. The real world implications of this are emmense.  These design features increase the effective range of the cartridge for military snipers and provide long range hunters the ability to engage once in a lifetime trophies no matter where it appears. In addition, for long range F-Class competition shooters the Eagle Eye Precison 175 grain bullet produces clean hole punches for accurate scoring. ”

Man # EE308175hpbt

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Box of 20, Case of 1000


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