HSM 300 Win Mag. 190gr HPBT Match

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New HSM loaded 300 Win Mag match grade long range ammunition

3061 fps @ Muzzle
190gr Sierra Match King
Ballistic Coefficients
.533 @ 2100 fps and above
.525 between 2100 and 1600 fps
.515 @ 1600 fps and below


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3 reviews for HSM 300 Win Mag. 190gr HPBT Match

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    Daniel R.

    Rating should be 0 (zero), however not available, hence 1 star.
    Bought a case of this ammo, and today was 1st day at range to try it out. In past I have always used Federal 300WM, but tried this less expensive option.
    Well now it is clear what less expensive option is. Out of 20 rounds in box, 4 from box had primers blown out completely, additional 3 had completely burned out “black” marks at the butt of cartridge.

    I will try to contact manufacture for help, but this is experience 1st hand. Images are available.

    • Mel Ewing

      Yes, do contact manufacturer, that does not sound good at all.

  2. Daniel R

    Well, things are little better now. I was able to contact HSM and their representative did promise to send me a replacement 1/2 case. They also advised to put this stuff away and that they were looking to be a lot number to see if something went wrong. So, in summary, scary experience, but company does stand behind their product, and said they will remedy the issue. Time will tell.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Daniel R.

    New 1/2 case arrived. Need to make sure I acknowledge this, as HSM customer support is simply great.

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