Pocket Sized Blank Kit



This kit includes two blank laminated ballistic cards, a sharpie permanent marker, and a dry erase pen. The blank ballistic cards are slightly larger than a business card and are designed to fit in a wallet or other small storage pocket such as a tacops cheekpiece. The blank cards have distances and blank values for elevation and windage. Different range/distance values are available, the default is 100-1100 yards/meters.

The beauty of this kit is the inclusion of a sharpie to write in any value desired on the card. As long range marksmen know, the data on a ballistic card is only accurate for one specific set of conditions, by have these small and portable cards blank, it allows the marksman to input the correct values for their current shooting conditions or environment. By writing the values on the card using the Sharpie it makes it semi-permanent and even water/weatherproof. That is right, rain will not remove the writing on sharpie markings. In order to remove the sharpie writing, use the included dry erase market to write over the top of the sharpie writing and then wipe clean to remove all traces of the writing. This allows the cards to be reusable over and over again.

Kit includes

  • 2 Wallet size ballistic cards (10 mil laminate)
  • Black Sharpie ® permanent marker
  • Dry Erase Marker (for erasing permanent marker)

Additional information

Weight 0.30 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × .5 in


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