Redfield Revolution Tac 3-9x40mm

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Redfield is now a part of Leupold and that means the Redfield Revolution/TAC riflescope is made here in the USA in Oregon. The Revolution line of scopes are high quality and similar to the Leupold line of scopes and have very good glass and quality.

The lenses are fully coated and have very good light gather ability for their price and the external adjustable knobs on the Tac version have 15 MOA of adjustment per revolution and 56 total MOA of adjustment. Combined with a 20 MOA canted base this scope will allow engagements from 100 – 1000 yards with a 308. The clicks themselves have a nice tactical feel.

The reticle is the Tac-MOA reticle with hash marks every 2 MOA which can be used for range finding as well as easy hold overs.

These scopes have a full lifetime, no questions asked, warranty for peace of mind.

You can read our full review on this scope here:
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