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The TAB Gear Rifle sling has the normal 3 elements for accurate rifle shooting: the sling loop up front, the center to adjust the carry length, and the rear of the sling which also serves as support for the non-firing hand to use in place of a rear bag. These slings have a slider that can move very easily to lock down the loop on the shooters arm. The center is where the shooter adjusts the sling for the carry length. It can be removed and connected to itself for easy storage allowing the remaining two sections of the sling to attach like a carry strap with shooting loop still in place. The reasons for the two buckles are two fold. First is allows the shooter to get out of the sling quickly because regardless of how you sling your rifle there is an accessible buckle you can unclip in order to get the rifle into action quickly. Second it is designed to allow the removal of a rifle from an injured soldier or person in case he is incapacitated. The rear section of the sling has a 5″ section of three layers of webbing triple stitched together and is stiff enough to use as a hasty rear support.


  • Heavy duty swivels
  • Heavy duty 1 1/2 ITW Nexus Fastex buckles
  • Adjustable loop for shooting support
  • Industrial grade webbing and buckles


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1 review for TAB Gear Rifle Sling

  1. Bryan Webster (verified owner)

    For many years I rarely used my rifle sling other than to carry the rifle while hunting or just backpacking. I ordered this TAB Gear sling and it just got to me today. I hooked it up and headed for the place I like to shoot and used it prone, and sitting. Very well thought out and built. When my 7mm Magnum arrives from the gunsmith, I plan to order one for it as well.

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