TacOps Drag Bag – Series 5+




These drag bags are the same bags that we reviewed on the web page and are an excellent bag. They have the fold up shooting mats that store in a pouch as well as the large exterior pockets, internal compartment for ammo, a spot for a single piece cleaning rod and other features. There is a special pocket for a suppressor and the section the holds the barrel of the rifle is also large enough for an attached suppressor.  The series 5 bags have improved straps and a pocket for an integrated water bladder for hydration (not included).

These bags are very durable and very well thought out. You can read the review of the series 1 and 2 bags here:
Series 1
Series 2

Small size will fit rifles with a total overall length of 45″.
The large bags will fit rifles with a total overall length of 50″

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