This book takes a different look at snipers and sniping. While there is a brief history of sniping and some facts and tidbits sprinkled throughout the book, it really focuses on a few historical snipers and their shots. The book is written by two authors that really have no experience in sniping and it shows in various spots with some of their comments and opinions, and in some places it does distract from the book as there are some things that are just way off base. But it is a different take from the standard sniper book that seems to be rubber stamped into publication as of late. It has no real info about tactics or techniques and a brief and not very detailed section about equipment, but that was not the focus of the book. If you would like to read about some interesting historical snipers, good and bad, and some 3rd party insight into what “might” have happened in cases like the JFK assassination, then this book is worth the read.

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