Remington defense has just announced that they will start offering some of their products for sale on the civilian market. One of those products is the M2010 sniper rifle that is slated to replace the M24. The price will not be cheap, but if you ever wanted one, now you can get one.




I am exploring a interchangeable scope for my rem 700″s 308/30.06 my eyes are not getting better with age . I was looking at nightforce,vortex, meopta. I like a lifetime warranty and want to have longe and shourt range capeabilities. What do you reccomend?

Mel Ewing

All of those brands are high quality and will work well. If it is a scope to be used on different rifles for different missions, I would probably keep the size down and the magnification not too high. Maybe something like the Nightforce compact nxs 2.5-10x or something along those lines. That way it is not too heavy for a hunting rifle, but can still provide enough scope for long range work at the range. Leupold has some solid offerings as well.


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