Ronin, unfortunately, is a true tale of a sniper platoon in the USMC that fell under the command of a commander who did not know how to properly utilize his Scout Sniper platoon. The author, Mr. Mike Tucker, was attached to this sniper platoon for about a 6-7 month time period and he relays interview information in the book. It is written in an odd format with most of the book composing of various interviews and after a while you get the feeling it is almost like a gripe session. But it appears (remembering that every story has two sides of which we only hear one side in this book) that it was justified frustration. There is not a lot of actual sniping experiences relayed in the book but it does outline and show the problems that can develop when a commander does not know how to properly utilize snipers and scouts and what will happen if soldiers loose trust in their commanders. If you are looking for a book with sniping experiences in it, this book is not for you, if you are interested in examining the various psychological effects of stress induced on combatants and the failure of leadership and the troops working together, this book offers a lot of insight.

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