Ruger has just announced that they are adding a magnum version of the Ruger Precision Rifle. Since its introduction, the RPR has been a huge success and it has caused all the other rifle manufacturers to play catch up to bring out similar rifles. Ruger is on their third generation of the RPR and has even recently came out with a .22 LR version. Now they have gone the other direction and have just announced a magnum version chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum. Both of these rifles will offer extreme range shooting with available heavy bullets. In fact, Ruger even selected a rate of twist that is faster than normal in order to stabilize the heavy long range bullets. The ROT for the .338 Lapua is 1:9.375″ and the .300 WM is 1:9″. The barrels are a little heavier as well with a muzzle diameter of .875″ and an aggressive muzzlebrake is attached. All of the rest of the RPR features are still there as well.

If you have been wanting an RPR for extreme range shooting, now you have it

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We don’t like it either, unfortunately, we have to pay the bills. We will be talking more about this in the next month or so. The little shops like us are just getting hammered by all the big boys (Cabela’s, Euro, Midway, Brownells, etc) and with the huge down turn in the firearms market, we are having to change our model to one of information, rifle packages, and training. For the information side to be profitable, we have to get some advertising revenue. But, with that being said, please let me know the worst parts so I can clean them up and fix them and at least make the ads bearable.


Interested in one of your rifle packages, do you plan to offer any of the RPR series in your packages as discussed in the comments of your 6.5 RPR test? THANKS!


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