• Model: Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova (SVD)
  • Caliber: 7.62x54mm Rimmed
  • Barrel Length: 24" (610mm)
  • Twist: 1:10" RH, 4 Grooves
  • Magazine: 10 round detachable box magazine
  • Weight: 9.5lb (4.31kg) empty with telescope
  • Overall Length: 48.2 in (1225 mm)
  • Additional Notes: Gas operated, Semi-Automatic
    Scope: PSO-1 with IR detection capability, 24mm objective lens, 4x, 6 degree field of view
    Night Vision: NSP-3: 2.7x, 7 degree field of view
    range of approx 300 yds
    Night VIsion: PGN-1: 3.4x, 5.7 degree field of view
    range of 400-500 yds

The SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova)-Dragunov Sniping Rifle was the first rifle designed from scratch as a sniper rifle, and it was declared the winner of a shootoff competition by the Soviet military and adopted in 1963. It has very limited similarities to the Kalashnikov series of rifles and is similarly reliable. The SVD can be expected to shoot 2 MOA with quality ammo, though the scope is graduated out to much greater distances.


I have some personal experience with an original SVD (circa late 1970’s). While the weapon was a bit crude when it comes to workmanship, it still functioned flawlessly. We shot extensively out to 900 meters. The rifle is extremely deadly, even with cheap surplus ammo, out to about 600 meters. After that, you are pressed to hit consistently. We easily were maintaining sub 2 MOA through our testing. The SVD is not a true sniper rifle by today’s standards, but it performs exceptionally well for what it was designed to do, a weapon to extend the range of the average rifle squad and they have been effectively used in the role all over the world.



D. Pier

you should mention the Dragunov shoots the 7.62R cartridge, which has been in continuous service since 1891 (124 years old, and counting). It is one of the very few rimmed cartridges to survive since the 1800’s. Approximating the .30-06 in performance, , it shoots a 150 g spritzer bullet at approx 2700fps. It is also used in the Soviet PKM med MG, and formerly, the Mosin Nagant service rifle

Mel Ewing

Thanks, we’ll be adding more details about the SVD in the future. I’ll be sure to mention more specifics about the cartridge.


7.62x54r ballistics are somewhat closer to .308Win. you can use .308 tables for corrections when working with 7.62x54r

Mel Ewing

For the closer ranges this would work, though the BC’s are different enough on the bullets that the differences increase noticeably at longer ranges.


mate do u have 7.62x54R magazines for the Russian SVD, TIGR, and NDM rifles. If u have can u let me know thanks ,I need 100 of them

Domenico Tiziano

What exactly were you using for “quality ammo?” I highly doubt you used the 203 gr “Extra” match surplus that comes in yellow boxes inside the spam cans. That ammo will do 7.6cm or better at 300m from an SVD. Even the blue box “match” surplus will do 10cm at 300m. This rifle should be reevaluated with the correct ammunition. Using non match ammo for a review of the SVD is the same as using XM80 7.62×51 and complaining about the accuracy. (PS, I do have some of the 203gr extra match surplus ammo. It’s almost impossible to find now, but it is better accuracy wise than any of the new commercial ammo.)

Mel Ewing

Thanks for your comments. The 10cm at 300m is about 1.25 MOA. We were easily getting sub 2 MOA, with some groups down around that, but not consistently. Remember, these are all mass produced semi-auto rifles. Some shoot better than others. We only had a single Chinese made variant to test, but at least it was a true SVD. If you were able to provide the rifle for a full eval, we would love to run it through a full in depth review and would love to be proved wrong!


The match ammo actually performs worse in the svd than the lighter LPS ammo as far as average groupings due to the tighter 1:9.4 barrel twist.


These rifles (SVD) are still being used to kill our boys out in Afganastan. Our enemies are firmadable foes and they practice with a vengeance. Our strategic planning is what keeps then at bay. At times it feels like we are fighting ghost devils…just saying.


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