When we first opened this book we had high hopes due to the large amount of well illustrated pictures that appeared to show how to perform the various tasks of sniping. Unfortunately as we began to read the book we discovered that the book was very superficial and showed only the basic skills of sniping and at a very high level, without any real detail on actually how to do the various tasks. For a book that is supposed to provide the skills from the SAS and other elite forces, it spends too much time on the history of sniping, the roles of a sniper, how a sniper is selected, etc. When it finally gets around to discussing the skills, it only says that “A sniper does this”, or “a sniper does that”, but never provides any real detail on actually how to do it. Do not get us wrong, it is not complete rubbish, but when the title says “Sniper Skills From The World’s Elite Forces”, you expect some more meat. This book is good for perhaps the very basic enthusiast beginner who is interested in what a sniper does, but it s certainly not a complete field guide. As we did mention, it does have very good illustrations, and a lot of them.

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