• Manufacturer: Savage Arms
  • Model: 10FP, LE1 and LE2
  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO (.223)
    7.62x51mm NATO (.308)
    7.62x63mm (.30-06)
    .300 Win Mag
  • Barrel: Savage Heavy Barrel Contour, Chrome Moly
  • Barrel Length: 20" (508mm) or 26" (660mm)
  • Stock: Synthetic, Injection Molded
  • Metal Finish: Matte Bluing
  • Weight: 9 lbs (4.09 kg) no optics
  • Overall Length: 46" (LE2)
    40" (LE1)
  • Street Price: $ 500
  • Additional Notes: No longer manufactured

These Savage rifles are an old model and are no longer available. But we are leaving the information here as it is always good to know what was available as well as what is available. Our comments are still relevant, though the rifles are not.

Don’t let the price of this rifle fool you. Savage is able to keep the price down by by using a fairly cheap stock, and the trigger isn’t that good, but these rifles are known for their accuracy. I have seen some of them come right out of the box shooting 1/2 MOA. The trigger is adjustable down to about 3 lbs. Its funny how much great accuracy will make up for. Fully expect these rifles to shoot well below 1 MOA.

The 10FP was introduced a while back and it is a “short” action version of the 110FP (the 110, of course, being a long action). Keep in mind that a savage short action is more like a medium action. While it is shorter then their long action, it is still quite a bit longer then a Remington or Winchester short action. It is a marked improvement, and the 10FP’s shoot the same as the 110FP, and both are offered in a left hand model, which seems to be popular.



There are after-market triggers and stocks available for the savage, so you could “pay as you go” if building a rifle. Not a bad idea for the “fiscally responsible” shooters or agencies.

The new LE1 and LE2 rifles offer Savage’s new “Sharpshooter” trigger which is a marked improvement over the standard FP trigger and should be considered. I still don’t like their stocks though. They also upped the barrel length on the LE2 to 26″ while the LE1 is their new “urban” tactical rifle with a 20″ barrel. They also have over sized bolt handles, which are not large like the Steyr or Tac-Ops rifles, but its still better then the standard bolt size. Savage continues to evolve their rifles, and that is a good thing.






Please enlighten me, exactly what is irrelevant about a sub moa out of the box firearm that was priced around $500?
I still own a 110 FP bedded in a MacMillan A3 stock, topped with a SWFA SS 10 X 42 scope and Harris bi pod.
She has never been pampered yet has never stopped delivering those sub moa groups. Yes she gets more action than a hooker on Broad St.
Just so everyone knows a $500 pair of jeans to me are $30 Lee or Wranglers with $470 in the pocket.


Mr. Ewing, YOU and I Are, “No Longer Being Made.” I Know I’M Not Irrelevant…But YOU must Think YOU ARE…YOU have NOTHING Else to Ever Contribute?.. YOU Have No Further Use? Do/Have young people ever ask your advice or pick your ‘un-new ‘ brain for the knowledge you have gained over the years? Would a young (lower income) shooter want to know of And Own a ‘slightly used’ $500.00 rifle that shoots sub-1″ groups to learn on than a NEW $1,200. He Can’t Afford to buy? Of Course!
See how Relevant YOU…And These Rifles…Still Are?!

Mel Ewing

Yep, that is why this page is still posted. It is not relevant for a new rifle purchase, but people still like to read them.

Patrick's gynecologist

Good morning Patrick sir! Thank you SO MUCH for taking time out from your busy schedule of being a waste of all natural resources in order to write something so usless and belittling to someone that has provided so much educational reading in a very talented and clear way. If only the Internet was big enough to give you other options so you didn’t have to be FORCED to read through this article! The future is rapidly approaching, and hopefully you’ll find sanctuary far, far away. Maybe try using the rectangular address bar toward the top of your browser window. I’m sure any one who can reach the keyboard could help you. Just don’t reveal your “charm” to them first!
I’d like to sincerely thank Ewing for providing such great info that is invaluable to someone like me trying to get into long range.


Very nice rifle. Especially since I paid $375. for the rifle, Nikon scope and two boxes of Hornady to boot. Bought it from a pawn shop. Was owned by the shop owner. He said he bought it new in 1996, mounted the scope and then decided after two rounds that 300 Win Mag was a little too much for him. Cleaned it and put it in the safe. I happen to catch him the day he put it out for sale.


I got a 110FP 7mm Rem. mag. from cabelas a couple months ago for $230. $86 on a Bushnell 6-18×50, $35 on a blackwawk bipod, and i’ve put about 100 Barnes Vortx 140gr. through her… Very impressed at 500 yards.




I have the model 12-F/TR in7.62X51 and it shoots 0.75″@200 with factory Federal 168 gr. I can’t wait till I start hitting loads for it.


These rifles are having some issues right. A good portion of them are being shipped with incorrect barrels.


Do you have a reference you can point all the readers of Sniper Central to so they can know what to be looking for? Any official word from Savage?


The main issue right now is with the 6.5 Creed rifles. Savage is advertising them as 24″ bbl’s but upon arrival the rifles have a 22″ bbl installed. Now, for some, this isn’t a deal breaker but for others this is causing quite the disturbance. Savage is replacing the bbls on their dime. The Snipers Hide forum has a thread in regards to this issue titled “Savage Stealth Barrel”.

Jeff Herrington

The Ruger Special Purpose is alittle outa my budget so I’m gonna go with the Mossberg MVP LC in 7.62X51mm or the Savage Stealth in 6.5 Creedmore. Can’t go wrong either way I hope.


I’m currently shooting a 10FP that routinely shoots under 1/2 moa with handloads. 168 SMK’s, CCIBR2 primers, Lapua fire formed brass, 41.9 grains of Varget, and a 2.828 OAL has produced a 5 round 100 yard group that mic’d .096″ at a local match.


I still have my $400 Savage 110FP in .308 – still consistently sub-MOA. I recall when it wasn’t unusual for various gun magazines to run more than one major review in the same issue. I used to have several different magazine issues that had reviews of the Savage along with reviews of some “quality” bolt action rifle in the same issue. At least two of those were professionally modified Remington 700 actions worked up by top gunsmiths. What made really notice the reviews was that the Remington 700 and Winchester 70 reviews consistently praised their accuracy, while the Savage reviews of course consistently complained about the terrible trigger — but in every issue where a Savage 110 or 10 was reviewed in the same issue with a Remington 700 or Winchester 70 based rifle, the Savage had shot tighter groups!

Dan G.

I had my gunsmith purchase a Savage 110FP in 308 Win back in the mid 90s. He put a very expensive scope mount on it that cost $250 (back then that was expensive), I only paid $350 for the rifle. I mounted a Luepold straight 14 power scope on that baby and she shoots better than most custom rifles. I want to add one more important note here…I have the adjustable trigger in my rifle and it is amazing! The trigger breaks about 1.5 pounds of pull and is crisp as hell. I am not sure what all of the bad trigger complaints are all about. I assume all of the 110FPs came with an adjustable trigger? I will never sell this gun as it’s accuracy outperforms any amount of money I could get for it.

Big T

Since these are no longer made, I would look into Savage Model 10T (Cabelas exclusive) 24 inch bull barrel accustock and accutrigger. The barrel has 5R rifling as well. This is a nice precision rifle for the money, .about $599.00 retail. I have the Savage 11VT (Dicks exclusive) heavy bull barrel, topped with swfa ss 10×42 and harris bipod. Its a nice shooter for my needs. IMO cant go wrong with either. Big T


Picked up a used Savage Model 10 / FP LEA from New York State Police, great shape, good buy. It likes the 168 grain SMK bullet with 41.7 grains of Varget. I use CCI BR2 primers and Lapua brass. It is topped with a Nightforce 5-25 NXS scope. Best recorded group was a 0.510″ inch 5 shot group, yep a one hole group at 100 yards. Not impressed with the Savage accu-trigger, but it works.

Bruce Doughty

I have a Savage 110FP Tactical .223, old gun pre-Accutrigger. Is there a aftermarket trigger upgrade available for this old gun?


I M late to this but I have owned 3 since they first came out a 7mmrm, a 308, and a 223 they are like they left the factory, any one of the 3 will shoot sub moa out to 500 yds shooting factory ammo with my aging eyes
Through the years I have owned many that cost more,that would not shoot these sub $500 rifles, they are long gone now except for my presentation 64 model 70 target and it only stays for sentimental reasons.


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