This decision by Leupold seems to have happened about a year ago but there was no real official announcement that we saw. As they continue to tweak their scope lineup, Leupold has elected to discontinue the Mark AR line of scopes. We reviewed one of the 6-18x40mm models and found it to be a good scope for the price range. It was a good USA made alternative for the lower price tactical scope and they had several models to fit multiple requirements.

It appears that Leupold has taken their newer VX Freedom line and have created a few versions of that scope to be a direct replacement for the Mk AR scopes and have even called them VX Freedom AR. Though one thing we do not like is that they only come with the P5 style elevation knob and not any external windage knob. This probably does fit in with the AR/MSR style rifles systems okay, but maybe hurts the appeal for use on long guns.

We were happy to see that they still offer the two VX-R Patrol scopes, at least for the time being. We think the 3-9x version of that scope is a solid SMR/SPR scope and will be reviewing one very soon.

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Has anyone put this scope on a 308 and used it to effectively shoot out to 600 + yards. Need to know since I have one and just had a custom elevation dial cut for the Sierra 168 gr BTMK @ 2,650 FPS for an AR10


I wondered if Leupold was going to drop the Mark AR as they were on sale at significant savings from a few retailers some months ago. I have two and they are excellent for their price range.

I’m glad to see they will continue with the VXR Patrol. I have one on my personal. 308 and three more that are in use at my Police Department on our M14’s. All are 3-9 power. They have been excellent scopes. I will be interested to read your review. Happy holidays!


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