S.C.A.P.E. – Sniper Central Annual Proficiency Evaluation

Every year Sniper Central is pleased to invite all Military and Law Enforcement sniper teams to a unique training and evaluation Opportunity at no cost to the individual, teams, or agencies. The Sniper Central Annual Proficiency Evaluation (SCAPE) event is an annual scenario based training day that features multiple different engagements to gauge a team and/or individual’s proficiency in areas of sniper competency. This event is open to Law Enforcement and Military personnel only (do not need to be snipers), no civilians or competitive teams will be allowed in order to authenticate the training and allow the freedom to discuss and gather information among the different shooters and departments.

There are 8-10 engagements in each event that will challenge the proficiency of each shooter. These engagements cover a wide range of scenarios  including high angle engagements, glass shooting, moving targets, medium to long range unknown distance engagements, multiple targets, and other engagements that will help provide valuable training and insight to the current deployment proficiency of an individual shooter and/or their team. Each engagement is evaluated by our professional team of instructors. The SCAPE event is intended to be a training exercise and proficiency evaluation and not a competition.

All of the Sniper Central instructors are former Military and LE snipers and are excited to assist in helping the teams become better and to pass along tips and tactics to the professionals of the law enforcement and military communities.

When and Where
The 2018 SCAPE event is scheduled for 21-22 April 2018 starting at 0900.
This event will be held in Polson, MT at the Big Sky Sporting Clays facility.
Event venue and address:
Big Sky Sporting Clays
42295 Irvine Flats Rd, Polson, MT 59860

Cost and Registration
There is no cost to participate in this training event. We offer this training to all military and law enforcement personnel, including snipers, sniper teams, designated marksmen, sharpshooters, and any others who put their lives on the line in service to their communities and American Citizens and who wish to receive additional training free of charge. It is our way of saying thank you and doing what we can to help make them the best they can be.

Online registration will be available soon, in the mean time we kindly ask that attendees please RSVP so we can plan accordingly.

To RSVP email or call:
Brandon Miller
Sales and Marketing Manager
(406) 642-3645

Download the PDF Flyer