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Rifle packages from Sniper Central are a complete ready to go package that allows the shooter to be out on the range immediately after receiving the package. The rifles are put together using a factory built barreled action and then we put it into the stock, mount the base, rings and scope and then test fire the rifle to zero the scope. The package price includes the completed rifle, scope, bipod, and case with everything assembled. The stocks are custom ordered per customer, and while a bit slower, it does allow us to get you the exact rifle you want. Take a look at the details and prices below and contact us if you have any questions.

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The rifles come completely assembled and zeroed at 100 yards. We fire the minimum amount of rounds to zero the rifle, usually 3-6 rounds. With only this few of rounds fired it should not interfere with the barrel break-in procedure by the owner if they elect to do so. Be sure to click on the details of the calibers and check the twist rates to determin if they will work for the loads you want to use. Unfortunately the stocks take a while to get from the time we place the order and as such we cannot provide an exact build time for the rifles but an estimate is provided below. The exact package options may change as new products become available and we test them for use on these packages. Because we are using factory barreled actions the performance of the rifle cannot be guaranteed but they all seem to be shooting around .5 - .75 MOA.

Over all we have been very pleased with the performance of these rifles compared to the price point and they have been enjoyable to put together. The goal of these rifles is to get individual and agencies that need a long range rifle into the game quickly and at a very good price but yet still provide the required performance needed for precision short and long range engagements. We have both a Remington and a Howa entry package that we use during our long range shooting classes, and we routinely shoot them out to 1000 yards with good results.

We start with factory barreled actions and we then put them in the Bell & Carlson Medalist stock with a full aluminum bedding block. The barrels are free floated all the way to the action. Combined with an EGW 20 MOA or 15 MOA rail (depending on scope selected) and Burris XTR rings we mount the scope. The base scope is the new Bushnell Elite 10x40 Tactical, which we feel is about the minimum quality tactical scope we would use. There are other optional scopes and if you have something in mind that is not listed, let us know, we typically can get any scope you would like. There are several other common options listed as well, which all allow you to create a unique rifle package to suit your needs.

IMPORTANT: Please read the details about the purchase process for these packages.

When we place our orders for the Bell & Carlson stocks we typically order some extra's, but more often than not, the extra's we get ordered tend to end up used on other packages before they ever arrived. But this time around, for whatever reason, that did not happen! So we actually have some stocks on hand in certain configurations, which if you order a rifle package using one of these stocks we have on hand, it would allow your rifle package to be completed MUCH faster. Depending on other options and how fast the base rifle gets back to us, I would estimate 2-4 month build times. So, if one of the stocks listed below looks like one you would like, place the order and we'll use it and save the time!

Here is what we have on hand as of 09/19/2014 (All for Remington 700 packages)
Mk1A (Short Action) in Dark Timber Camo
Mk1A (Short Action) in Black
Mk1 (Short Action) in Green
Mk1 (Short Action) in Black
Mk1 (Short Action) in Black with Grey Webbing
Mk2 Adjustable (Long Action) in Green
HS Precision PST008 (Short Action) in Black

Law Enforcement & Military Trade In - If you are looking to replace or upgrade your deparment's current sniper rifle(s), ask about our trade-in program. We collect old duty issued sniper rifles for our own collection which will eventually be displayed in a Sniping Museum here at Sniper Central. If your department is looking to replace your existing rifles, we would be willing to give credit towards a rifle package or perhaps even purchase your old equipment outright. Just contact us for more details.

Details and Descriptions

Package: Remington 700 Entry Package
Description: This package uses the legendary Remington 700 action with factory heavy barrel. The Remington is renowned for its smooth action and accuracy. All of the metal work is finished in matte bluing and they have the X-Mark Pro trigger set at the factory setting of about 3.5 lbs and is externally adjustable. The floorplate is the standard BDL style hinged floorplate.
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Build Time: Approxmately 3-7 Months, depending on options
Action: Remington 700 [details]
Remington 700 with Detachable Box Magazine +$305 [details]
Barrel: 26" Heavy Barrel [details]
24" Heavy Barrel +$50 [details]
22" Heavy Barrel +$50 [details]
20" Heavy Barrel +$50 [details]
18" Heavy Barrel +$50 [details]
Caliber: .308 Win [details]
.223 Rem [details]
.243 Win [details]
.22-250 Rem [details]
.204 Ruger [details]
.300 Win Mag +$425 [details]
.260 Rem +$425 [details]
.30-06 Spr +$425 [details]
.308 Win with 5R Barrel +$500 [details]
Custom Caliber and/or Barrel +$425 [details]
Rifle Build - Base Price: $1275
    Remington 700 ($0)
    26" Heavy Barrel ($0)
    .308 Win ($0)
    Factory XMarkPro ($0)
    none ($0)
    Blued ($0)
Bolt Knob:
    Factory Bolt Knob ($0)
    Mk1 [5-7 months] ($0)
    Black (02) ($0)
    Harris Bipod 9-13" ($0)
    Bushnell Elite 10x40mm Tactical ($0)
Rings & Base:
    EGW Base, Burris XTR Rings ($0)
    Plano Double Rifle Case ($0)
    Ground ($55)

Sub Total: $1330
Member Discount: $0 [login]
Total: $1330

Additional Comments:

Payment Plans

Trigger: Factory XMarkPro [details]
Timney 510 +$150 [details]
Timney 517 +$150 [details]
Barrel Porting: none [details]
Threaded Barrel w/cap +$85 [details]
MuzzleBrake +$170 [details]
Finish: Blued [details]
Cerakote - Coyote Tan +$185 [details]
Cerakote - OD Green +$185 [details]
Cerakote - Black +$185 [details]
Bolt Knob: Factory Bolt Knob [details]
TacOps Bolt Knob +$100 [details]
Stock Style: Mk1 [5-7 months] [details]
Mk2 [5-7 months] [details]
Mk2 Adjustable [6-7 months] +$165 [details]
Mk1a (M40) [5-7 months] [details]
AICS AT 1.5 [3-5 months] +$600 [details]
MDT Tac 21 w/ Magpul PRS [3-5 months] +$705 [details]
HS Precision PST-008 [6-7 months] +$100 [details]
HS Precision Thumbhole PST-082 [6-7 months] +$125 [details]
McMillan HTG (M40A1) [4-7 months] +$275 [details]
McMillan Winchester Marksman [4-7 months] +$275 [details]
Stock Color: Black (02) [details]
Black with Gray Webbing (22) [details]
Gray with black webbing (23) [details]
Tan (30) [details]
Green (97) [details]
Desert Tan Camo (26) +$40 [details]
Snow Camo (27) +$40 [details]
Dark Timber Camo (31) +$40 [details]
Bipod: Harris Bipod 9-13" [details]
Harris Bipod BR 6-9" [details]
Harris Bipod 9-13" Swivel +$30 [details]
Harris Bipod BR 6-9" Swivel +$30 [details]
No Bipod -$-50 [details]
Scope: Bushnell Elite 10x40mm Tactical [details]
Redfield Revolution/TAC 3-9x40mm +$30 [details]
Bushnell Elite 6-24x50mm Tactical +$520 [details]
Bushnell Elite 3-12x44mm Tactical FFP Illum +$580 [details]
Leupold Mk AR Mod 1 3-9x40mm P5 w/308 BDC (115390) +$165 [details]
Leupold Mk AR Mod 1 4-12x40mm P5 w/308 BDC (115392) +$280 [details]
Leupold Mk AR Mod 1 6-18x40mm P5 w/308 BDC(115394) +$325 [details]
Leupold Mk4 3.5-10x40mm LR/T M1 Mildot (52128) +$771 [details]
Leupold Mk4 4.5-14x50mm M1 mildot (54560) +$852 [details]
Leupold Mk4 4.5-14x50mm ER/T FFP M1 mildot (65490) +$1202 [details]
Leupold Mk4 4.5-14x50mm LR/T M1 Illum Mildot (67955) +$1041 [details]
Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50mm MOA ZS MOAR (C429) +$1348 [details]
US Optics ST-10 w/Erek +$1040 [details]
No Scope -$-190 [details]
No Scope, Rings or Base -$-250 [details]
Other - Special Order [details]
Rings & Base: EGW Base, Burris XTR Rings [details]
Leupold Mk4 +$170 [details]
Nightforce +$180 [details]
Nightforce Direct Mount (30mm only) +$115 [details]
Case: Plano Double Rifle Case [details]
Pelican 1750 Black w/cut Foam +$290 [details]
Shipping: Ground +$55 [details]
Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands +$105 [details]